Please Read Our Comprehensive Product Care Advice Below:


Much care is taken during manufacture and finishing to ensure that every Europa Leisure product offers years of pleasure. However, as with everything, it is necessary to provide a little care and maintenance to ensure lasting satisfaction. We strongly recommend that all garden furniture is stored away at the end of the Summer. All furniture (not just ours) will give years more pleasure if protected from the worst ravages of the weather.

Our Mosaic, Stone and Marble tables and chairs are weather resistant, and designed for outdoor and indoor use. They must however be first dried, and then stored away in the winter, as we do not guarantee them as being frost-proof.

Many of our Polystone statues and water features have a painted finish which over time will weather, protecting the statue or water feature from the worst of the winter weather will help protect this finish.


Natural Stone, including our Travertine Marbles, are porous, and will absorb liquids. Any spillages should be removed without delay, to avoid possibility of staining. Some liquids (lemon juice, tonic water, cola, red wine to name but a few,) will all leave stains or blemishes which can be difficult to remove.


Many of our tables are made from natural stone. Colours will vary, and no two tables will be alike; this is part of the charm of buying a product using natural materials rather than man-made. Natural stone does have slight pits and blemishes, and sometimes fissures which look like cracks. These are part and parcel of natural stone, and are sometimes filled with a resin during manufacture; such blemishes and colour variations are unavoidable, and do not constitute a fault.

Many of our tables (as described on the website) have tops of natural riven stone. Therefore, please expect the surface to be “riven!” This adds to the natural beauty of the table, but if you are seeking a perfectly smooth and even surface, then please opt for one of our other styles.


Many of our ranges use “resin-weave wicker.” This is a tough, resin-based weather-resistant woven material, and in some cases, it has variegated shading, which serves only to heighten the effect of being “the real thing!” The Wicker is easy to clean, using warm soapy water, rinsed off with plain water. Avoid damage by sharp objects. If the “tail” of the wicker should at any time come free, it can be secured with adhesive.

Despite being resistant to the rain, the furniture should be stored away in Winter, as prolonged exposure to very cold conditions will result over time in the material becoming brittle, and breaking down.


Breathable synthetic fabric is ideal for garden furniture, as it shrugs off the rain, and is easy to clean with warm soapy water, well rinsed off. Do not use abrasive detergents or solvents, detergents with a neutral PH are recommended. Care should be taken that it is not damaged accidentally by sharp objects. If using a pressure washer do not stand too close, these can damage the fabric.


Our Nardi furniture is almost indestructible, is UV stabilised, and will withstand extreme temperature changes. Being so much lighter in weight than metal furniture, it should be protected in high winds to avoid being blown over. We recommend the use of Nardi Resin Cleaner for cleaning.


These should not be used in breezy conditions, and should always be lowered when not in use, as a sudden gust could cause it, and the table too, to blow over. Although the fabric is shower-resistant, the life expectancy will be much greater if the parasol is allowed to dry and then stored out of the weather.


Our Polystone statues are made from crushed stone and resin, and are hollow for ease of handling. Care should be taken if situated in positions subject to winds. A stake can be partially driven into the lawn or soil and the ornament positioned over the protruding part, to prevent toppling and possible damage. Ornaments should never be lifted by the delicate parts, such as a figure head, but gripped by both hands around the body.

Our Fibre Clay statues are made from a composite of clay, fibreglass and magnesia. The Clay helps give a natural finish, the fibre glass provides strength and makes the ornament less susceptible to breaking or cracking, the magnesia allows for a lighter weight product while also making it more weather resistant.

Water features should be totally emptied of water before winter time to avoid damage from freezing. The pump should be dried and stored indoors over winter.

Many of our ornaments and water figures have painted finishes, care should be taken to avoid damaging the finish. We also suggest that statue and water features are protected from the worst of the winter weather, this help protect the painted finish.


Many of our ranges are partially constructed of steel or aluminium. Those living in coastal regions will be aware that sea spray and salt air play havoc with most metals, especially steel, and although our furniture is weather and rust resistant, we offer no guarantee against corrosion by sea air. If you live near the sea, you would be better advised to consider one of our resin sets.

Steel will rust if the protective surface is damaged in any way. Our steel products undergo many cleaning, rust inhibiting and powder coating processes so that the product will look good for some time before repainting becomes necessary. It is however possible that minor damage to the powder-coat finish can occur during assembly, or, despite our superior packaging, it is even conceivable that slight chips can be caused during transit. To avoid rusting, any small chip marks should be touched-up with matching enamel paint. These minor blemishes are often unavoidable, and we do not consider products showing minor rust spots to be faulty.


Our hardwood range in made from sustainable mixed tropical hardwoods, all items are supplied “flat-packed” for easy home assembly. It should be remembered that timber is a natural product and it will expand and contract with the weather, cracks may open up but these are not faults and when the weather turns wet these will close up slightly. Because of the movement in the timber all fixings should be checked periodically to ensure they are still tight. To keep the timber looking as good as possible it should be cleaned and oiled with an exterior harwood oil (following the instructions on the container), how often this is needed depends upon the weather and how exposed the item is, but we would suggest at least once a year.


Many of our self-assembly furniture ranges use aluminium components and / or fixings. However, aluminium is a relatively ‘soft’ metal, and it is easy to strip threads, or snap bolts if over tightened. We recommend the use of a hand spanner for assembly, as opposed to a socket set.

Important Home and Garden Product Information:

Our Furniture Ranges are designed for domestic use (with the exception of some Nardi products), and we give no Warranty for Commercial or Catering use.

In the event of a problem, our policy is to supply a replacement component, not the entire product or suite. Our ‘Consumer Services’ department on 01722 742763 is at your disposal if you are in need of further advice.